aluminum foil film application

Composite aluminum foil for automotive
With the rapid development of China’s auto industry and the continuous increase in the rate of auto aluminumization, the market demand for auto foils has increased rapidly. There are two types of auto foils. One is the composite foil used in automotive air conditioners, and China’s auto air conditioners are Aluminium, the annual demand for aluminum foil reached 15,000 tons; the other is a composite foil for automotive radiators, used in the manufacture of radiators for automobiles, automotive condensers and evaporators. At present, the aluminumization rate of automotive water tanks reaches 40%, and the annual demand The amount is about 0.3 million tons.
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly consists of an easy-to-open bottle cap for pharmaceuticals and injections, and a PTP aluminum foil for pharmaceuticals. PTP aluminum foil is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry due to its advantages such as moisture resistance, portability, and safety.
Since 1985, China began to use aluminum foil packaging medicines. To date, packaging aluminum foil accounts for only 20% of pharmaceutical packaging materials. In recent years, the pharmaceutical foil market has witnessed rapid development. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical market has developed rapidly, but mainly because 20% aluminum foil is used in pharmaceutical packaging. The proportion of applications in the continuous increase.
Flexible packaging foil
Soft packaging is the use of soft composite packaging materials made of bag-type containers, the emergence of flexible packaging has greatly enhanced the food and beverage industry, the level of mechanization, automation, and accelerate the modernization of people’s diet, social progress. In developed countries, flexible packaging has become one of the main forms of packaging for food and beverages, replacing canned and bottled products within a certain range.

In recent years, China’s flexible packaging market has also developed rapidly. To date, 10 aluminum foil composite production lines have been introduced. Different technologies such as dry compounding, hot melt compounding, and extrusion compounding can be used according to the different uses of flexible packaging. Soft packaging not only has the effect of moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, but also can print a variety of designs and texts. It is an ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people’s living standards, flexible packaging aluminum foil has a lot of room for development.

Aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors
The aluminum foil used for electrolytic capacitors is a corrosive material that operates under polar conditions and has a high requirement for the structure of the aluminum foil. There are fewer manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in China, mainly due to the small market demand, and there is a big gap between production technology and advanced countries.
However, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have good performance, low price, and wide range of uses, so the market prospects are very good. At present, Japan’s annual demand is 45,000 tons, which is 6 times that of the Chinese market. With the development of the electronics industry and China becoming a major industrial production base, the market demand for electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is promising.