BOPP antifogging film

BOPP antifogging film is a kind of functional film which prevents water vapor from forming fog on the surface of the film and affecting the transparency. Mainly used for vegetables, fruits, flowers, sushi, chilled meat and other fresh products of the display packaging, as a result of ordinary BOPP film made of packaging bags in the packaging of these fresh products, due to fresh water itself, a large amount of water , In the storage and sale of the temperature and there is a great change in the inner layer of the packaging layer to produce a layer of opaque mist, which led to the user can not see the goods within the bag, and bags of goods after contact with water mist And easy to degenerate corruption, and quickly shorten the shelf life of fresh goods and shelf life, and the emergence of anti-fog film, not only improve the display of fresh goods, but also effectively extend the shelf life of fresh goods and shelf life, so in the Supermarkets in a large number of applications.

BOPP anti-fog film has excellent anti-fog, high heat sealing strength, high thermal strength, high smoothness, high opening, high puncture resistance, high transparency, and safe and hygienic, non-toxic harmless. At present according to its characteristics, but also in the functional aspects of further development:

1. To overcome the domestic BOPP industry can not do anti-fog film difficulties; and according to the amount of anti-fog additives to increase the size of the anti-fog effect of the temperature and time.
2. Key technical content: anti-fog master formula technology; production BOPP anti-fog to join the proportion; BOPP anti-fog film process control conditions.
In order to achieve high and low temperature anti-fog effect: 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃ cold room, placed 24 hours, the film surface no droplets appear. 60 ℃ and 0 ℃ between the repeated alternating environment for 24 hours, the film surface no droplets appear.
The first anti-fog masterbatch development: foreign BOPP anti-fog film manufacturers have strict confidentiality measures, Hebei Baoshuo Group can only develop anti-fog Masterbatch, the group through repeated experiments, a total of more than 60 domestic and foreign test A kind of food-grade additives with anti-fog function, and through the spectral analysis, from which to filter out three kinds of anti-fog effect and health and safety of better additives, from the anti-fog, high thermal strength, high opening, Slip angle of a reasonable mix, and many times to replace the carrier and other auxiliary auxiliaries. The Group Fu Tai Company and the Group Baokang Masterbatch Co., Ltd. to cooperate to repeatedly improve the anti-fog performance of the masterbatch and other physical properties, repeated compression, casting, casting test to the final through the Japanese users the most demanding Anti fog effect test.

In the process of film selection using different formulations, anti-fog agent added less than the anti-fog effect is poor, adding the proportion of excessive film haze increased, winding difficulties, the cost increase. Through the tracking test, find the right ratio. At the same time for the choice of anti-adhesive and the amount of the ratio is also a lot of experiments, openness and haze to find a balance between.
Anti-fog film on the heat sealing requirements are higher, ordinary heat sealing film only need to reach 10N / 15mm, and anti-fog film requirements greater than 20N / 15mm, in order to improve the eager performance, improve the thickness of the heat seal layer and use low temperature heat sealed three Metal copolymer material, but in the production prone to pull the scald and affect the appearance of the film quality, technical staff to explore the pull process parameters to solve the burn problem, so that the film’s actual eager strength can reach 30 N / 15mm